Check In/Out

New Life Kids uses an electronic check-in system in the lobby through Planning Center. Each child is assigned a random code each week. Parents will have a tag with the code printed on it.

The person picking up should hand you the tag with their child’s code on it. It is the leader’s responsibility to verify with the code on the child’s tag. If the person picking up the child(ren) does not have their tag, kindly tell them they will need to get the tag from the parent. If a tag is lost, please find the New Life Kids Director or an age group leader to verify. If there is ever a problem, please let your age group leader or director know.

We would like for all volunteers to be trained on using the check-in system and commit to at least one “off week” per month to help at the Welcome counter. Please let Amy know when you are available to train. Only adults may pick up children.



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