Collecting Coats this November and December!

Ready for another chance to SERVE THE CITY?!?!

This November we will be partnering with [highlight]One Community Now[/highlight] (a collection of church in West Pasco that we are a part of) to provide winter coats for the [highlight]Cold Weather Shelter[/highlight], run by Impact Family Ministries (also a part of One Community Now). Click those linky-links in the last sentence to find out more about the actual ministries.

This is a great opportunity to provide a practical need to our local community! All you’ve got to do is bring your coats, sweaters, and sweatshirts to the worship service on Sundays and we’ll have a collection bin for them. Boom! City served!

One last though before you rush off to your closets: If you’re a parent, take this opportunity to teach your kids the joy of serving and sharing. Explain what we’re doing, and that we’re doing it because Christ gave to use when we needed it but couldn’t earn it, so we’re doing the same thing. Pick out a few of their coats and let them choose which one to actually donate. Let them come into the service and place it in the collection bin. Begin a family tradition of serving and loving together!



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