Communication is KEY! There are many things to communicate about in New Life Kids and because we are such a large team and so spread out, sometimes this can be difficult. Your age group leaders are your first “go to’s”.


Carly Schrader | | 727-255-1244


Jessica Meredith | | 727-457-2027


Sarah Barnwell | | 727-992-1967


Stephanie Graham | | 727-261-2368


Samantha Bills | | 810-240-6412


Amy Jones | | 727-644-7224


Annette Brandt | | 727-359-1304

If for any reason you cannot work your scheduled day, please utilize Planning Center or the NLK Facebook page to try and locate a replacement for yourself. If you have not been added to the Facebook group, please let your age group leader know.

If that does not work, next you would contact our scheduling coordinator. Schedules will be sent out through Planning Center.

Age group leaders are also who you would contact first regarding any concerns or questions you might have.

If they cannot address them for you, they will contact the New Life Kids Director. If there is an incident such as a fall, bad diaper, etc., that needs to be reported to the parent, please fill out an incident report and make your age-group leader or the New Life Kids Director aware as well.

It is crucial to communicate any concerns you have promptly. We cannot problem solve if we don’t know what the problems are. We are always open to ideas & suggestions that could potentially help to build our ministry!



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