Devotions for May 16, 2017

JOB 38:1-10

Then the Lord answered Job from the whirlwind:

2 “Who is this that questions my wisdom
with such ignorant words?
3 Brace yourself like a man,
because I have some questions for you,
and you must answer them.
4 “Where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?
Tell me, if you know so much.
5 Who determined its dimensions
and stretched out the surveying line?
6 What supports its foundations,
and who laid its cornerstone
7 as the morning stars sang together
and all the angels[a] shouted for joy?
8 “Who kept the sea inside its boundaries
as it burst from the womb,
9 and as I clothed it with clouds
and wrapped it in thick darkness?
10 For I locked it behind barred gates,
limiting its shores.


In this passage God demonstrates His power, His sovereignty, and His authority. Honestly, its pretty intimidating. God is our loving father, but He is also our all-powerful King and Lord.


Q: How does God present Himself in this passage?

Q: God shows Himself as the all powerful, all knowing God that He is. Based on what you already know about Him, how can you approach Him?

Q: It’s easy to think that because of His power and authority that God is unapproachable. However, we know from His Word that He IS approachable and we do not cower in fear of His power. Instead approach Him as children and honor Him as King. How would others see God if we approached Him with the boldness of a child, while honoring Him as the King He is



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