Devotions for November 29, 2017

MATTHEW 11:2-6

2 John the Baptist, who was in prison, heard about all the things the Messiah was doing. So he sent his disciples to ask Jesus, 3 “Are you the Messiah we’ve been expecting,[a] or should we keep looking for someone else?”

4 Jesus told them, “Go back to John and tell him what you have heard and seen— 5 the blind see, the lame walk, those with leprosy are cured, the deaf hears, the dead are raised to life, and the Good News is being preached to the poor.” 6 And he added, “God blesses those who do not fall away because of me.[b]”


John the Baptist had plenty to be frustrated about. Imprisoned though he was innocent, falsely accused; he would have known what frustration and sadness was. And he wasn’t afraid to talk about it. After spending years proclaiming the coming of this savior, why was he sitting in a jail cell? But instead of harboring it in his heart, he admitted his frustrations and asked for answers. Admitting our frustrations doesn’t immediately take them away, but it can give us peace in the process.


Q: How does Jesus respond to John the Baptist’s question? Does it give John hope and peace?

Q: Write down some of the things that are frustrating you right now. Have you taken time to tell God about these things? Ask him to give you peace in the midst of chaos.

Q: What are some ways that you can share the good news of Christ’s peace with those you know?



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