How you can help TNLC this Sunday

Every Monday I send an email out to our Leadership Team with notes, reflections, updates and the like. This week, I took the opportunity to offer a challenge to them, a challenge I’m now going to offer you as well. If our whole church took up this challenge, we may never be able to comprehend the amazing move of God that would follow. Here we go…

The GREATEST Sunday in TNLC history…

…wasn’t this past Sunday.

But could it be this weekend?

Let me be clear, yesterday wasn’t a bad service at all. Worship was good. Message was good. Tithe was decent ;-). But on a whole, it wasn’t a GREAT service top to bottom. Little things here and there made the whole not as impressive as the sum of the parts. Things that are fixable and are avoidable, thankfully, so we can have them cleaned up next week. I’ll be contacting individuals on things I saw, but there’s one thing I need all of your help to improve- the spiritual environment.

The buck on this one starts with me, so I’m already repenting and making the appropriate changes in my life, but I’m challenging you to join me as well. We must individually take on the burden to create an environment of faith and expectation each Sunday. We must not view any Sunday as “just another one.” It may not be reality for each Sunday to be better than the last, but it shouldn’t stop that from being our expectation. We must come not ready to dutifully fulfill whatever role we’ve been assigned on a particular Sunday, smile, and head home. We must not become thermometers, moved back and forth by the faith and expectation of everyone else; we must by thermostats who force those around us to adjust to the environment of faith and belief, regardless of the funk they brought with them that morning!

But this can’t be a Sunday morning pysch-up; this must be the overflow of our week-long pursuit of God, the lost, His will, His ways, His word and His voice. It can’t be a switch we flip but a wheel we’ve been working and pushing on throughout the week. And each turn goes a bit faster than the last, and the momentum builds. But there’s no trick to turning the wheel, no shortcut to victory. We must get up and seek Him daily. We must worship him unceasingly. We must be transformed and renewed in our minds by His word everyday. We must pray audacious prayers and believe for ridiculous results. We must dream big and then act accordingly.

It will be too late on Sunday morning do this. It must start now, today, the moment you’re reading this email. You must set in your heart and mind that this Sunday, September 26th, will be the greatest Sunday we’ve ever had at TNLC. This is the Sunday the person you’ve asked so many times for will come to church and hear the gospel. This is the Sunday of healing, deliverance, salvation, community, breakthrough and transformation. THIS Sunday.

Will you join with me this whole week to make next Sunday the greatest in TNLC history? (BTW, not a rhetorical question…)



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