Meet the New Guy: TNLC’s New Music Director

A few weeks ago we introduced Mason Simmons as the new Music Director of Trinity New Life Church. The married father of two (with one on the way) was kind enough to answer some of our questions (really, we made him 😉 so you can get to know him. So ladies and gentlemen, we give you the answers of Mason Joseph Simmons:

Who is your favorite artist/ which artist most inspires you?

Secular influences include Billy Joel, Elton John, Ben Folds – love rock with a piano! Inspired by Jesus Culture, Bethel Live, Hillsong United, David (Psalms), Israel Houghton, & Jon Owens.

What genres of music do you listen to the most?

Pretty much all of it, except screamer rock, from Metallica to Tupac to Jesus Culture to Ray Charles.

What is your ‘method’?

I do my best to lead by example. Get in early, stay late. Be prepared. A great friend and former mentor has convinced me that there are no “problems”, only challenges and opportunities. I believe the most powerful worship experiences are Christ-lead. It’s our responsibility to prepare and do our best to be excellent for Christ, but at the end of the day, it is His ‘style’ and His ‘method’ that should be magnified.

How long have you been doing worship music for churches?

I began leading Praise and Worship for my youth group at Pam harbor United Methodist Church when I was a sophomore in high school, and continued that until I graduated. In 2006, I began working in leadership with the music team at the HighPoint Church plant in Orlando. I was amazingly blessed to be a part of that ministry for 6 years.

What instruments do you play?

Primarily Keys/piano and guitar. However, I also enjoy the trumpet, banjo, harmonica, and any type of percussion from a full drum kit to bongos and congas.

So, I heard you just moved to the area. Where did you live before? Why did you move?

My wife and I spent the last 12 years living in the Orlando area. Katie graduated from the UCF with a degree in communications. I spent the last 10 years producing concerts, plays, musicals, and comedy shows at Orlando’s 3rd largest entertainment venue, The Plaza Live. With 2 small children and a 3rd on the way, Katie and I were ready to move back to our home to be closer to family. So after just over a decade in Central Florida, we relocated to our current home in Tarpon Springs.

Do you write your own worship music? If so, what’s the chances that we will get to hear it one of these Sundays?

I have written some Praise and Worship music. I feel like I constantly have a song in my heart. There’s a pretty good chance you will hear an original if you stick around Trinity New Life long enough…

What advice do you have for aspiring artists looking to get involved with church worship music?

Practice and research. Never stop honing your talents and gifts. Always stay in touch with what is happening in the praise and worship community. But most importantly, stay close to Him. Stay in the word. Develop your relationship with Christ over all other things. The more confidence you have in Him and what plans He has for you, the more powerfully He can use the gifts he has blessed you with to create change in and transformation in both your life, and the lives of those around you.



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