November 25 Praise and Prayer update

Hey Prayer Team!

Sorry we’ve fallen off in our updates lately, it’s been a little crazy but we’re back, needing more prayer than ever! Here’s the scoop-

PRAISE– Because of your prayers…

  • We had over 75 people at our first preview service on November 8th! It went great, everyone was so excited.
  • 5 people indicated they’d like to be a part of the launch team moving forward.
  • Close to 15 people visiting the YMCA last Sunday came to our cookout after their workout
  • 7 football players gave their lives to Jesus before our last football game of the season, and they demanded we keep going with our Fight Club Bible study
  • THANKS FOR YOUR PRAYERS! They’re working!

PRAYER- Please continue to lift up the following items

  • Our December 13th preview service. Let’s keep the momentum going!
  • New Launch Team members and lives to be changed. It’s Jesus or nothing, peeps!
  • The health of the Bells. I (Clayton) have been having back problems, Caroline has been going through some rough teeth issues (which is making her sleeping less than ideal), and poor Kelly is trying to care for all of us!
  • A new car- No, not for me. I’m good. But our worship leader, Afrika, is without, biking to and from work. Would you join us in asking God to provide her with a car? (And if you might have a car, email me!)

Thanks for every single prayer- they’re moving heaven! And, as always, if you have a request for us, just email it back. We’d be proud to pray for you!



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