Prayer Update for July 6

What a whirlwind two weeks! The Every Nation North American Conference, travel to and from, and a day trip over to Jacksonville. And what do I get to do to relax?! Pack for another move! I’m tired just typing this…

But let’s get to the good stuff- What powerful work your prayers have been doing over the last two weeks! We are SOOO thankful for you guys, you’re making it happen! OK, I can’t wait any longer, let’s get to the praise reports!


  • Kelly and I had a spectacular time at the EN NAC 09. They really honored and publicized the 10 upcoming church plants in the US (which is only 10% of the over 100 churches being planted by EN worldwide!), including an incredible prayer time Friday night. We’re part of a wonderful spiritual family who is encouraging and supporting us so strongly!
  • Launch team- OK, I don’t even know how to explain the awesome-ness on this one. In the past two weeks we’ve talked to a couple in Tampa who’ve been waiting for an EN church plant, a couple from our Tallahassee church who moved to Tampa a year ago but happened to be in church today and we talked with them, and another member of the Tallahassee church who recently moved to Tampa. I don’t know how God does it, but he’s orchestrating an amazing team. He’s so amazing!

PRAYER REQUESTS– Let’s keep the good times rolling!

  • Day of fasting- I’m going to give you a heads-up now: July 14th will be a day of fasting for TNLC. We’re planning on launching TNLC on a weekly basis March 14, 2010, so I’m planning on fasting every 14th until March. I hope you join us! More details next Monday, put it on the calendar now!
  • Moving- Paul and Kerry Grasmanis are moving this week to the Tampa area (Land O Lakes), so please cover them. We’re starting to pack, so pray for, um…peaceful martial conversations.
  • Message- I’m preaching at ENT this week, my last Sunday on staff. Please pray for God’s word to go forth with power and transformation!
  • Finances- Two big meetings this week, and one call back for support. Please pray for God’s favor and provision!
  • Unity- This is God’s team He’s assembling to plant the church, and pray we’d be unified in Jesus with the same DNA. Pray we’d be a spiritual family as TNLC!
  • Transformation- We are planting a church to see people transformed by Jesus. Pray that would mark everyone in our church!

Whew, that’s it for now! Only one more weekly update from Tallahassee…and now I need to go pack something!



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  • zak

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the fasting idea! AWESOME!

  • Rachel

    Ah dude, I’m so excited to see what God has in store for the Tampa-Bay area with Trinity New Life. I’m already excited to how He’s blessing everything that’s happening now!

    And I’m blessed to play a small part by praying. =]

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